April 14, 2021

[Music] iLLBliss – Rule 2 ( RIP B Elect)

iLLBliss has unlocked his latest project, iLLOSOPHY, a 7 seven – track EP dedicated to his lost friend B Elect.
iLLBliss writes;
“Dear Big Homie B – Elect, the saddest part of this project is that you are not here to see it released.
This is officially the First Project Under The B -Elect Art Foundation. You curated this from start to Finish (from early 2018) and inspired me to keep recording till we had everything in the bag.
In your words… “Never Forget the essence of Your Art”. Create your Heart”A night before you passed, We were backstage at an event in Lekki and you kept reminding me how important Our EP Would be for the Resurgence of Rap in Nigeria… . . I dedicate this EP titled “iLLOSOPHY” to You. 
YOU are Featured on “Grown Man Raps” Happy I found the opportunity to make music with you for the last time before you passed.
We miss you so dearly B Dash !! Your Legacy Will Never End. Special thanks to every one who helped put this body of work together.

                DOWNLOAD MP3


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