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October 22, 2021

James Brown IG Account Has Been Deleted, Bobrisky Denies Having Hand

James Brown Instagram account was deleted after a video telling his fans that bobrisky is after his life over content stealing.

Remember that James Brown had
recently called out his former boss over threats to his life, which was followed by an apology after the video went viral.

In reaction, Bobrisky denies having anything to do with the sudden disappearance of Brown’s account while adding that he cares for him regardless.

Bobrisky took to his verified Instagram page, to clear the air on having hand in the loss of James Brown account, he wrote;

“All of you must tell me you love me o ! As for u James brown, I love you regardless you are just a baby. Mama still love you 😍. Secondly I need to clear d air, if I ever know about anyone account deleted let God judge me and repay me with evil. I have d purest heart ever !!!!! I can fight with you but not to wish you bad,”.

See bobrisky post below:

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