Xenophobia Attack: 9-Years Old Nigerian Bullied By South African Classmates Tells Her Story

A nine-year-old returnee, Victoria Ogunbanjo, shares her experience with SIMON UTEBOR

How do you feel now that you are in Nigeria?

I’m Victoria Ogubanjo. I feel shocked and excited.

How can you be shocked and excited at the same time?

I am shocked because I never thought I would finally be in Nigeria.

Have you been to Nigeria before?


What class are you in?

I am in Primary Four.

Are you missing your friends over there?

A little bit.

How do you mean?

I don’t miss them very much because at times they bully me, at times they don’t.

Why do they bully you?

I don’t know why they bully me and call me names. In fact, I am happy being home, at least all the bullying will be over.

Source: Sunday Punch

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