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Mc Oluomo Is Back To Oshodi

National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) chairman, MC Oluomo is well and has come back to his base in Oshodi days subsequent to being stabbed at an APC governorship rally in Lagos that claimed three lives.

Oluomo was stabbed on the stomach and neck and was quickly hurried to Eko hospital, however a nearby partner, Koko Zaria has now detailed that he is fine.

Koko Zaria who took to Instagram to share a report on Oluomo’s wellbeing composed :

“I thank God for all what he has done in our life and Oshodi. Good morning all my fans out there here and abroad God will continue to love you all and for enemies, I just wanna tell you that my boss is back to oshodi nothing happened to him he they kampe for the bad rumours over my boss it a lie all your rumours are fake olorun ju eda lo nothing do our boss MC Oluomo oshodi will be state chairman soon daz his post he is there already nothing can stop him.Still me koko zaria American boy money stop nonsense, Haters nd beefers go and die”. 

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