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Kizz Daniel Unfollows Davido On Instagram

Kizz Daniel has unfollowed Davido on Instagram, following last night adventure which Davido and his group members were blamed for slapping Kizz Daniel’s manager, Tumi.

A man identified as Peter gave details on the incident and even mentioned that Kizz Daniel needed to leave the concert calmly without any altercation with Davido. He wrote;

Apparently Kizz Daniel couldn’t perform at #DavidoLiveInConcert in light of the fact that Davido slapped his manager at the backstage of his concert

Davido just completed the process of performing in front of an audience and wanted to go and change backstage and he met Kizz Daniel manager strolling towards the same place and his guys pushed him away, then Davido asked his guys “who be that” and they addressed that it was Kizz manager

Then Davido just entered 30 billion posse shit and went straight to haul out Kizz manager that was jejely going on his own and gave him a hot slap and poured drink all over and was like “don’t fuck with me”

Kizz Daniel stood up and left the show like a sensible individual then Davido still went ahead and performed Kizz Daniel melody alone just like that.

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