Nikki Laoye And Alex Oturu Marriage Crashes

Nikki Laoye and Alex Oturu have allegedly part and are setting out toward divorce, following quite a while of theory that all isn’t well.

The couple whose marriage of 6 years is tied in with closure, have been isolated for about a year because of a supposed beyond reconciliation contrast and apparently don’t live respectively. Nikki Laoye and Alex Oturu have additionally not been as one in broad daylight for some time, and have likewise dumped their wedding rings in late photographs.

While the gospel artist and her significant other don’t have a kid together, a source near the family revealed that couple may have even started divorce procedures however have part on neighborly terms and remain companions.

Nikki Laoye and Alex Oturu whose ‘split’ in now on features, got hitched in an amazing wedding function which was held in Lagos on the eleventh of December, 2011.

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